To fit the joystick inserts into a MDF surface you will need the following tools.
Please note: Harder wood may require a larger diameter drill bit.

7mm drill bit
5mm Allen key

Where possible remove the joysticks mounting plate from the joystick and use this as a template to mark the surface and drill the mounting holes.

1: Drill your hole 11mm deep.
If you do not have a depth guage on your drill then measure 11m from the tip of the drill bit and use a piece of tape to note the depth.

2: Place the insert into the top of the mounting hole.

For added strength you may want to add a small drop of PVA wood glue into the hole before screwing in the insert.
Wipe away any excess glue that may pushed out when the insert is being screwed in place.
Do not use too much glue as it may clog the inner thread of the insert.

3: Using your allen key turn the insert clockwise whilst pushing down.

4: Tighten the insert until it is firmly in place and flush with the surface.

5: Repeat the process for all mounting holes and then fix your joystick in place.