Jamma 60 in 1 guide.

This guide is is based on the use of a standard PC power supply and PC VGA monitor with your Jamma 60 in 1 board.

Required items:

Jamma 60 in 1 Board.
Jamma wiring Loom.
Joysticks & buttons.
PC power supply.
PC VGA Monitor & Lead.

Heat shrink / Electrical Tape.
Hair dryer / Heat gun (Optional for use with heat shrink)
One Small section of wire ( approximately 6cm long )

The Jamma Loom

For many first timers this is the most daunting part of installing the 60 in 1 board.
With so many wires it can seem over whelming at first but this guide will show you how simple it really is.
1: Undo the elastic band holding the loom together and separate the loom into its individual sections that are separated by small cable ties.

You'll see now that there are five sections.

Section 1: Player one wires ( This section will have the black daisy chained ground wires with it.
Section 2: Player two wires.
Section 3: Power wires ( these are identified by the pronged crimps and thicker wire )
Section 4: Monitor wires ( White Plastic connector )
Section 5: Speaker wires.

Thankfully you won't be needing half of these wires with the PC set up.
We'll quickly go into a little more detail as you will however be requiring some of the wires from each section.



You'll notice within the power wires there are two wires that have crimp connectors: 1 Red wire and 1 Orange wire.
Remember to keep two spare ground connectors from the daisy chain so that these two wires can be connected.
If possible connect these two near the player 1 control panel as these will be required to set up your jamma board and test all the buttons and joysticks are functioning correctly


The Red wire is for the Service button and the Orange wire is for the Test button which you will be needing.
The rest of the wires here can be disregarded but firstly you will need to make the power wires safe because these wires will become live when using a PC power supply.

How you deal with this is entirely up to you.
You can bend the pronged crimps over and then place a large piece of heat shrink over each terminal individually or you can cut the prongs off and cover with electrical tape, just ensure no bare cable is exposed which could cause a shot circuit.


Section 4: Monitor wires: These can be totally disregarded.

Section 5 Speaker wires / Coin mech: The two white wires are to be connected to your speaker + and -
The green wire is for use with a coin mechanism should you chose to use one.
The remaining wires in this section can be disregarded.


Wiring guide.

Player 1 section is the bundle of colored wire that has the daisy chained ground wire attatched to it.

Brown = P1 Start
Red  = P1 Up
Orange  = P1 Down
Yellow = P1 Left
Green = P1 Right
Blue = P1 Fire button 1
Violet = P1 Fire button 2
Grey = P1 Fire button 3 ( Note: Only Gun smoke requires 3 buttons - This can be reduced to 1 button in the set up menu so you can get away with only using 2 action buttons if required )

The above section is quite self explanatory.
Connect the relevant colored wire to each button / joystick position as required.
Please note joystick positions tend to be the opposite micro switch i.e the UP position will actually be the bottom micro switch.
Each button / joystick position will also need a ground wire connected to it that will then create the circuit when you move the joystick or press a button.
The ground wires are the section of black wires that are looped in a daisy chain together.
Run the ground wire from the joystick to each button creating a continuous chain.

Player 2 uses the same colour coding as Player 1 so copy the above layout.

If you are using a cocktail cabinet that has two players at opposite ends then you may notice that the ground wire will not stretch from the player 1 section over to the player two section.
If this is the case you will need to cut the daisy chained ground wire at the last button on the player 1 control panel and then run a length of wire from the last button  on the player 1 side to the start of the player 2 section and then use the remaining ground wire to join up with the rest of the player 2 buttons etc.

Once you have wired up all your buttons and joysticks you can then plug in your jamma Loom to the Jamma Board as pictured below.
Four power wires at the top of the board.

To use a PC power supply you will need to make a small modification to the large connector that usually plugs into a PC motherboard.
If you plug in your PC power supply to the mains and turned on the plug you will notice that nothing happens, this is where you need to modifiy the connector so that when you turn it on it then powers up.

There are two ways of doing this you can either create a "jumper" using a small piece of wire to create a bridge between the green and any black wire or as I prefer you can cut the two wires and then solder them together and cover with heat shrink ( remember to place the heatshrink over the cable before you solder then ends together )