Ipac 2 illuminated joystick & button arcade kit.

ipac2 FS32 USB Keyboard encoder - Mame Arcade with illuminated joystick and push buttons
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Ipac2 illuminated Joystick & button Arcade Kit
Everything you need to start your MAME Project.
NEW 2015 Model Ipac2



Minimum hole size: 28mm.

For a guide on how to wire these buttons please visit the "how to guides"

Switch connection: 2.8mm female crimp required.
Illuminated 12v connection: 2.8mm female crimp required.

2 x Blue fully illuminated Arcade Joysticks with 45mm Crystal bubble ball top.
2 x joystick LED power wires.
2 x joystick Pinout wiring connectors.
To connect the joysticks pinout wires to the ready crimped ipac wires 10 bullet crimps and terminals are supplied.

The illuminated pushbuttons supplied are the excellent leaf spring type that require no extra microswitches.
These buttons are ultralight and require very little pressure to engage the switch.

2 x Blue illuminated  P1/P2 Start Buttons
12 x Blue illuminated Action Buttons.
4 x Black concave action Buttons ( These can be changed to match the rest of the set if required )
4 x PCB Feet
30 x Ready crimped  wires ( 1m Length )
1 x Ground Wire
1 x Ipac2 Interface (Keyboard encoder)
1 x Ipac2 USB Lead

1 x illuminated wiring kit containing the following:

3 metres of red wire
2 metres of black wire
1 daisy chained ground wire (2.8mm for 12v- on the LED bulb holder)
14 x 2.8mm female crimps ( for 12v+ on the LED bulb holder)

Ipac wiring kit
More than enough wires to set up a two player mame control panel.

30 x Ready crimped wires with female connectors.
Each wire is 1 metre (1000mm) in length.
1 x Daisy chained ground wire with 30 connections.
Distance between each connection is 140mm - Total Stretched length is 3m.

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