Arcade Red Bat Top Joystick 2 Player Control Kit Set & 16 Buttons

Red Bat top Joystick Set with 16 buttons and Xin Mo 2 Player Interface for PC - Pi - MAC
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Arcade Red Bat Top Joystick Set with 16 Buttons - Xin Mo 2 Player USB Interface

The ideal starter set.

Compatible with all forms of home arcade machines.
Mame - Raspberry Pi - PC - MAC - Retropie etc.


Set features:

  • 2 x Red Bat Top Joysticks
  • 16 x Translucent lipped push buttons - Complete with internal micro switches and fixing rings.
  • 2 x  classic concave Player 1 / 2 Start buttons
  • 2 Player Xin Mo USB Interface complete with full wiring loom
  • Wiring Diagram for the interface included.
  • Button hole size: 28mm
  • Button Connection: Type : 2.8mm - 4.8mm
  • Button Length: 45mm
  • These buttons have a lower actuation force when compared to buttons with external micro switches.
    This allows for much faster reaction times when playing.
  • Weight:  1.2kg
  • Joysticks:  2 x Red Bat Top
  • Buttons:  16 x Translucent lipped Push Buttons
  • Interface:  Xin Mo 2 Player USB Interface
  • Colour:  Multi Coloured
  • Complete with interface loom.
  • We offer a lifetime Guarantee with this button.

    This new 2018 updated interface now supports 2 joysticks and 15 buttons for player 1 and 13 buttons for player 2.
    These extra buttons can be set for P1/P2 Start / Add credit etc.

    Plug and play ready for WINDOWS 98/ 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7 / LINUX
    Simply plug the USB interface into your PC and it will recognise the Interface as
    a game controller which can be easily configured in MAME.
    Compatible with all version of the Raspberry pi.




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Reviewer: Bennett from Germany   5 Stars
It shipped from UK to Germany in 6 Days. In the package there is everything you need for a retro controller. The wiring looks a little bit messy after you have connected everything, but it is very easy to understand how to connect the buttons and joysticks. I connected it to my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with Recalbox installed and it automaticly detected, that the controller is for two players (unfortunately I coudn't get it working with Retropie for both players, only one at a time, but I havn't really tried hard because I will use the controller for RecalBox most of the time). The buttons and joysticks feel very good and have a good quality. For this price it is was a really good investment for me!

Reviewer: Anthony from France   4 Stars
Ordered and received within 7 days, I'm glad to play old times games with Joystick and arcade buttons. The kit has been shipped with proper case and bubble paper; no risk to be broken. The video on Ultra cabs + doc papers were quite enough to wire everything (if you do it slowly and step by step, this is very easy), it works directly on a Raspberry Pi 2. USB Card has been also detected instantly on boot with Retropie, no need to tune and drivers or specific configuration. I love the product !